Photographer / Designer

Mano Yertanian

Mano Yertanian was born and raised in Syria to an Armenian family.  He is no stranger to photography having started at the young age at nine with a pocket 24mm camera.   At the age of 11, he started studying photography under the tutelage of Hrant Zaitountsian. There, he learned the arts of black and white photography and photo development.

In 1999, Mano traveled to Italy to learn graphic design.  He returned to Syria to focus on being an in-house designer and photographer.  In 2004, he decided to move to the United Arab Emirates where he has been able to utilize his skills and passions as a photographer on a full-time basis.

Mano enjoys the challenge of working various photography styles.  With the exception of weddings, he is willing to take on any project with skill and professionalism.